Training Events

I have many, many years of experience providing workshops, seminars and conference presentations. I prefer to work ‘in the room’ rather than online, especially for whole-day events, but am prepared to consider taking part in conferences or shorter events delivered “in 2D”.

Upcoming events:
  • April 20th: Bowlby Centre. The 27th John Bowlby Memorial Conference: Attachment, Climate Crisis and the Natural World. (Online)

  • 3rd & 4th May: CK Bahrain: Working with Attachment Trauma (online)

  • 27th June: Warwick University Counselling: Working with Attachment and Trauma in Higher Education Settings (online)

  • 15th August: St Andrews University Counselling Service: Brief Attachment-Informed Therapy (online)

  • 9th & 10th November: PCPSI Ireland: Attachment and Food (in person)

Recent training events:
  • January 2023: The Evolution of Attachment Theory. For students at Queen’s University of Charlotte, visiting London (in person).

  • February 2023: From Cradle to Kitchen: Attachment, Food and the Self. Westminster Pastoral Foundation (online).

  • February 2023: The Aims of Attachment-Informed Therapy. 2 days for CK Learning, Bahrain (online).

  • March 2023: It’s a Shame: The Ugly Shame Monster. Conference on Shame for Brighton Therapy Partnership (online).

  • June 2023: Attachment, Relationships and Food. Presentation to Bath Analytic Network (in person).

  • 7th October 2023, Gloucester Counselling Service. From Cradle to Kitchen: Attachment, Relationships and Food (online)

  • 13th October 2023, 7pm - 9pm, Stockwell Centre, Colchester, Annual lecture. Attachment, Food and Identity (in person)

  • 10th November 2023, Brighton Therapy Partnership conference. Breaks in Therapy: Dynamics, Losses and Opportunities (online)

  • 18th November 2023, TR Together (Tavistock Relations) conference. Beginnings. In the Beginning: Attachment at the Start of Therapy (online).

  • 27th January 2024, PCPSI, Ireland. Attachment and Intergenerational Narrative: We are Such Stuff as Stories are Made On (online)

Contact details

Please contact me for more information or to discuss your organisation's training needs.

I can be reached by telephone on: 020 8806 7328.

If I am not available when you ring, please do leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

By email: either contact me via this website or at

PLEASE NOTE: I am working towards semi-retirement and will be devoting more time to writing and editing as well as training work in the future. Therefore, I have decided that I will not be taking any new clients or supervisees.